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Phase V® Outcomes System

One of the company's primary assets is the PHASE V® Outcomes System consisting of a modular, disease-targeted set of health outcomes questionnaires and analytical statistical programs which are used by Phase V in the assessment and analysis of patient-reported health outcomes during clinical trials and effectiveness studies.

These outcomes are linked to a reference validation database consisting of over 2.5 million responses in 15,000 patients who have participated in clinical studies and trials since 1987. The uniqueness of this system lies in its consistency, uniformity and longevity which provides a valuable internal resource for instrument development and applications to advancing technologies unparalleled in the industry. All new modules are developed and validated independently by Phase V using the questionnaire templates and response format most successful for detecting therapeutic effects. It is this independence and its academic roots and collaborations that has gained Phase V its reputation as a highly respected leader in health outcomes and clinical research.

The PHASE V® system allows for the assessment of health status, quality of life, patient satisfaction and health economic indicators in over 25 languages and multiple interfaces including standard paper CRF's, screen entry CRFs, and most recently electronic patient diaries. Data is collected through focus groups, individual semi-structured interviews, clinic-based self-assessment and patient diaries.