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Phase V Professional Training Course

This section is intented for the display and review of all online training materials concerning the project in which your site participates. Sites can only access those sessions relevant to their specific project.

After starting a presentation, you can pause, stop, or repeat slides or sections using the controls at the bottom of the screen. You also have control over displaying notes and comments relevant to the slide that you are watching.

Most of the presentations include a voice recording, but some do not.

At the end of each session, you are presented with a series of questions regarding the topic of the presentation. Please answer them carefully, since a passing score is required to advance to the next section. If a passing score is not achieved, you will have the opportunity to replay the presentation and retake the quiz, until you do pass. All passing scores are emailed to Phase V, and you are issued a training certificate when all necessary sections have been reviewed and passed.