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PHASE V Technologies, Inc. is an independent, for-profit, contract research organization offering services to the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Incorporated in 1987, PHASE V has committed the past nine years to the development of analytical technologies supporting industry's efforts to conduct the highest quality research for assessing the effectiveness and quality of health care therapies and interventions.

Today, PHASE V has the technology to offer a full range of professional services and facilities including medical research design and implementation, clinical trials conduct and management, quality-of-life and cost-effectiveness studies, health survey research, data base design and management, data analysis, and communications.

PHASE V maintains a reputation of excellence in medical and therapeutic research through its unique partnership with prestigious university-affiliated academic researchers with decades of experience in medical, clinical and health research. The company's strategic business plan strives to provide leadership in measuring the quality of health care for the health care industry.

PHASE V Technologies, Inc. was first conceived as a venture of the University of Connecticut Research and Development Corporation, a for-profit technology transfer company. The venture grew out of patient outcomes research conducted at the University of Connecticut Health Center and the research interests of individuals from several other academic institutions.

During the initial years of operation, PHASE V focused its resources and attention on developing the technologies required to offer the health care industry a valuable product -- the ability to assess and evaluate the quality of their products in terms of patient acceptance and compliance, cost-effectiveness and risk-benefit. PHASE V targeted the evaluation of drugs for certain chronic conditions and health problems of the elderly, including hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, ulcers, arthritis, osteoporosis, benign prostatic hypertrophy, allergies and angina.

Through major contracts and consulting with the pharmaceutical and health care industry, PHASE V has been able to develop research and information technologies for its proprietary PHASE V Outcomes Information SystemÒ. The System comprises patient questionnaires and surveys, scoring and analysis software, information systems and a clinical trials longitudinal data base of over 10,000 patients. This database provides a comprehensive reference and R & D resource for detailed assessments of patient quality-of-life measures and instruments.